About Wendy Parker, D. D. S.

I was born and raised in Valparaiso, IN and am a Chesterton High School graduate. My interests in dentistry began when I was 16 years old. I completed a high school vocational program for dental careers my senior year and found that by working with my hands and helping people to be very rewarding. I then attained my degree and a license in Dental Hygiene in 1981. This background not only gave me invaluable “hands-on” experience while going through dental school, but helped pay the bills! I graduated from Indiana University School of Dentistry and received my license to practice in 1990. Outside of dentistry, I enjoy many outdoor activities, such as: hiking, biking, camping, river rafting and snow-skiing.  I love botanical gardens and dabble in growing a few things myself.  My friendly companions are my Great Pyrenees, a rescue lab/pit mix and alpaca animals.

How did I get to 715 Pine Street?

In 1985, while completing my dental prerequisites, I worked for Dr. Bill Potucek as a hygienist. I kept in contact while in dental school training in Indianapolis. We finalized our contract to purchase in February 1991. Dr. Bill and I practiced along side each other for about 1 1/2 years. He was very helpful in making the transition smooth. For those of you who know him, I’m sure we’d agree we miss his jokes, and of course, his distinctive laugh.