PPO & Insurance Information

Please complete the insurance information section under Patient Online Forms, Patient Registration.  The key to access your plan for reimbursement is having the correct *Dental mailing address for claims, *Employer & Group #,  *Member ID.   So your appointment runs smoothly, we verify your eligibility by e-verification with our third-party clearinghouse. Depending on your insurance company this could take 5 minutes electronically or 2-4 weeks by US Postal Service.  We have no control over their process.  Medical ID’s do not work for dental submission. You may need to go to their website as many do not send a dental insurance card. 

As a PPO-contracted dentist, I have agreed with certain insurance plans to accept a “discounted” fee.  In order for us to continue to honor “discounted” fee plans, we ask your assistance in verifying coverage by providing accurate insurance information for matching to your plan. 

Please bring your insurance card  with you to your appointment so we may scan the card.

We do require your co-payment and/or deductible of the bill to be paid at time of service.

Please be aware that some, and perhaps all, of the services provided may be non-covered services and not considered reasonable and necessary by the dental insurance.

Parker Preferred Plan, aka PPP:

It saves those without insurance from paying the highest of fees set by the insurance company paying the most on procedures and treatments. 

 Doctor’s side note:   Around 1991, roughly 25 years ago, Dental and Medical Professionals were forced to ‘standardize’ their Claims Submission Forms.  At that time, we were told it would force insurance companies to standardize their forms.  That never happened.  it has been well known to reduce Administrative costs by 30-35%.  Simply put, couldn’t the savings be reinvested into Healthcare?  There is a difference between the concepts of providing ‘Healthcare’ and handing out “Insurance Cards’ without regard to education and prevention.